How many times during a game of backgammon have you been well ahead, winning the match with ease, when suddenly you opponent starts throwing a string of doubles and you find yourself losing the game and cursing your luck.

Well we now have the solution! We have designed a number of small backgammon charms that can fit on to the handle of your board or you can use them as a keyring, or keep them in your pocket and just bring them out when needed.

We have carried out a lot of statistical analysis using a number of regular backgammon players, who all felt far luckier when they had their backgammon lucky charm beside them when they were playing online or in a club match or tournament. Our researchers named this “The Lucky Rabbits Foot Phenomenon“

We have a number of charms designed for different situations. If you play money games on a regular basis you will soon find that your increased winnings will soon cover the small cost of the charm.

Now obviously we can not guarantee how lucky these charms will be for any individual as this will depend on your base level of luck that come naturally. However it is definitely the case that these charms will not decrease your luck, as long as they are used correctly I.e. alway place them on your side of the board, in case by error you opponent might benefit from your lucky charm.

These charms are reasonably priced but they are limited in number as the Lucky Elves we employ to produce the charms do have serious drinking and partying issues, and keeping them working is a challenge.

Now it may be the case that you do not believe in the magical powers of our Lucky Elves and so in that case we have designed the simple charm in the picture above, which is the same price as the other charms but obviously has a lower built in luck quotient.

We want to reassure people that no Elves are harmed in producing these charms but some of them do fall down sometimes because of habitual strong drinking. They are supervised at all times by well know cartoon characters which unfortunately we can not name for contractual reasons imposed upon us by media conglomerates.